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Urban Transformation Tycoon

It’s a satiric game that criticizes corruption in the construction industry and governments that all around the world while offers the players a fun gameplay with full of tasks.


UX / UI Designer




Game Design Studio


Mobile Game




30+ hours



We are expecting that our main target audience would be consist of people who are between 18 and 35 years old and has higher education background. Preferably the ones who played city planning simulation and tycoon games like SimCity, Cities Skylines, Tropica before.



The concept is an all around world hype that can capture people’s interest easily with its funny and satiric game world. There will be also a competition factor among the players with online rankings and badges on different titles for their achievements.


Buildings & Residents

Buildings in the game will be getting old and unsafe in time.

Every floor in a building will be corresponding to an apartment. So if a building will have three floors it will have three apartments.

How old and low the safety of a building is residents of that building are more willing to accept urban transformation.


Political Parties

The players can get closer to a party to get its permits quicker.

There will be two political parties in the game. While Blue Party has 6 poor neighborhoods’ municipality, White Party has 3 richer districts.

If the player get closer to a party they will pull away from the other at the same amount.


Market Value

When the economic growth goes up people will be more willing to buy new apartments.

Maximum market value will increase based on inflation rate and maximum market value can be paid will increase based on economic growth. These values will be used to set the flow in order to match the players’ skills. As the player’s skills get high economy will be hard to deal with.

When the inflation rate goes up people will be less willing to buy new apartments.


Menu Navigation

A list of under construction & unsold apartments.

Top menu will have settings button, sound toggle button, no ads button, other in-app purchase, and the date. The bottom menu will contain constructional interactions, political interactions, economy interactions, bank account summary and a quick jump selection that navigates the player between ongoing constructions.

Design Elements
To Sum Up

Publicity Planning

Free-to-Play, Ad-Supported, Freemium (In-App Purchases)

We are going to offer first twenty thousand early downloaders to play the game ad-free for a year and if they also share the game after the lunch on social media, they’ll get lifetime ad-free version and one-year premium account.

Game Design Document

Make sure you check the executive summary, details of the game mechanics and  our future development plan.


Project Team

UX / UI Designer

Game Designer
Reşit Barış FERAH

Game Developer
Erkam Ali SÖNMEZ


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